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At My Shack, our aim is to embrace and enhance the quality of life for all women, men, LGBTQ+, teens, and children who are survivors of any and all sorts of Gender Based Violence. My Shack is a women run and owned organization that aims to provide assistance to all victims of Gender Based Violence and affected individuals regardless of their ethnicity, culture, religion, socio-economic background or location. It is an anti-sexual violence organisation, specialising in the personal empowerment of survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. We want to create awareness and understanding through various initiatives, that will result in a positive change in social attitudes and structures locally, nationally and eventually internationally.
Lynn Kerchhoff - Author MyShack
About Lynn

A story of hope

Lynn Kerchhoff describes herself as a wife, mother and warrior woman! She is the proud author of My Shack, a beautifully written autobiography about being a survivor of sexual assault.

My Shack tells Lynn’s story of growing up in Athlone on the Cape Flats, Cape Town with all its accompanying malfunctions.

Written against the backdrop of poverty, alcoholism, lack of education and violence – all of which are still prevalent on the Cape Flats today. Her life is upended when she, on the cusp of adolescence, suffers sexual assault at the hands of a trusted family member. She describes in detail how the tragic incident unfolded whilst taking…

About the book

Professor Jonathan Jansen

Prof Jonathan Jansen

When a single, horrific sexual assault of an eleven-year old by a family friend completely upends the life of an innocent child, how can the telling of that story not be raw, vivid, and coarse? When that life-changing event happens in a dirty shack within meters of where parents are enjoying a drinking party, how else does a victim convey her experiences of traumatic memory? “Some do their duty; others fail dismally.

By telling her story within the broader context of a fragile community and a faltering country, the author reminds us of our solemn duty towards each other as South Africans”​
Dr Marcelle Mentor

Dr Marcelle Mentor

Reading My Shack takes you on a journey of how good triumphs over evil, joy replaces sorrow and how despite it all there is always hope. Lynn shares what it means to work through one’s past trauma, whilst growing in one’s sense of self and faith. It is truly as the subtitle suggests, a story of hope!

“Her work stands out to all women as a beacon of hope – and we all need hope to be able to move forward. In our time of #metoo and #blacklivesmatter, this work is so needed. We need to read this life story. It will inspire and encourage us”

More about the book

This autobiographical text is about more than sexual assault. It offers a glimpse into the banality of violence in South Africa’s suburbs, the complexities of intimacy among family members and the contradictory emotions that accompany rites of passage for women: from puberty, to marriage and mothering. Finally, Lynn tells the story of what it means to work through one’s past trauma, whilst growing in one’s sense of self and faith. It is truly, as the subtitle suggests, a story of hope.

Changing lives

We all have stories and scars of our many battles. My prayer is that as you read #MyShack that those scars will become markings of a victor, of an overcomer because today – you are still STANDING


Dearest Lynn, Your book has brought tears to my eyes, but your strength can be felt throughout the pages entangled with pain. What a life, what a women. I admire you.


Hi Lynn I found your book to be very real. It was as though you were in the book while reading. Every chapter left a different emotion and yes I will definitely recommend to family and friends. Take care and God Bless


Good afternoon Lynn Would just like to let you know that I finished your book at 2am this morning. I could not put it down. The minute I collected my copy - I started reading and never put it down. What an amazing story. So real. So inspiring. You are indeed a gift from God and very much a strong lady.


Dear Mrs Kerchoff I'll admit that I can relate to some of your experiences. THANK YOU THAT I COULD FIND HEALING in reading your Story of Hope. God Bless

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