About Lynn

“My desire is that as you embark on this journey with me, that hope will light the dark areas within your soul and that you will begin to experience the healing, the joy and the fulfilment of all that life has to offer.”

Lynn Kerchhoff describes herself as a wife, mother and warrior woman! She is the proud author of My Shack, a beautifully written autobiography about being a survivor of sexual assault.

My Shack tells Lynn’s story of growing up in Athlone on the Cape Flats, Cape Town with all its accompanying malfunctions.

Written against the backdrop of poverty, alcoholism, lack of education and violence – all of which are still prevalent on the Cape Flats today.

Her life is upended when she, on the cusp of adolescence, suffers sexual assault at the hands of a trusted family member. She describes in detail how the tragic incident unfolded whilst taking the reader on a journey that evokes emotions that are hard to articulate. Some of the chapters are described in heart-wrenching detail which leaves the readers in want for more.

However, this autobiographical text is about more than just sexual assault. It offers a glimpse into the banality of violence in South Africa’s suburbs, the complexities of intimacy among family members and the contradictory emotions that accompany rites of passage for women: from puberty, to marriage and mothering.
Lynn Kerchhoff-Author MyShack