My Shack Book Launch

What a momentous occasion this was – the launch of #MyShack

Thank you to everyone who journeyed with me. Special thank you to Professor Jonathan Jansen and Dr Marcelle Mentor that not only forwarded of my work, but also gave such valuable insight. To Lesley Swart, Claire Davids –

Professional Editing: Academic and Business

and Charles Abbot of Attic Press. To Lorenzo Davids, Lyle Hendriks, Prof. Garth Aziz, Mia Aziz, Aden Thomas, Heart FM, Counsellor Rashid Adams, Premier Alan Winde, and Yusuf Daniels,

To my husband and children, THANK YOU for all your love and encouragement. You inspire me to “be” – in all that I am and all that I am destined for.