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A child being sexually abused by someone known to the family – it’s an all too common and tragic tale that plays out in communities across South Africa every day.To my husband and children, THANK YOU for all your love and encouragement. You inspire me to “be” – in all that I am and all that I am destined for. [MORE]

Book Launch

What a momentous occasion this was – the launch of #MyShack Thank you to everyone who journeyed with me. Special thank you to Professor Jonathan Jansen and Dr Marcelle Mentor that not only forwarded of my work, but also gave such valuable insight. [MORE]

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Looking foreword...

A foreword is a piece of writing that serves to introduce the reader to the author and the book, usually written by someone who is not the author or an editor of the book.
When a single, horrific sexual assault of an eleven-year old by a family friend completely upends the life of an innocent child, how can the telling of that story not be raw, vivid, and coarse? When that life-changing event happens in a dirty shack within meters of where parents are enjoying a drinking party, how else does a victim convey her experiences of traumatic memory?
“Some do their duty; others fail dismally. By telling her story within the broader context of a fragile community and a faltering country, the author reminds us of our solemn duty towards each other as South Africans”
Professor Jonathan Jansen
Professor Jonathan Jansen
Stellenbosch University, Cape Town
Reading My Shack takes you on a journey of how good triumphs over evil, joy replaces sorrow and how despite it all there is always hope. Lynn shares what it means to work through one’s past trauma, whilst growing in one’s sense of self and faith.
It is truly as the subtitle suggests, a story of hope! “Her work stands out to all women as a beacon of hope – and we all need hope to be able to move forward.
In our time of #metoo and #blacklivesmatter, this work is so needed. We need to read this life story. It will inspire and encourage us”
Dr Marcelle Mentor-Favors
Dr Marcelle Mentor-Favors
Columbia University, New York

No-one can fully explain the consequences of sexual assault like a survivor, like an overcomer. I managed to smile again, to genuinely be happy.

Lynn Kerchhoff – Author of My Shack